How It Works

 Remember, as a home buyer, you never pay us commissions and we work with you for FREE. Unlike some agents, we will never pressure you, or charge a service fee to view homes. It is important to focus on your loan financing with a lender, to be pre-approved and choose a comfortable mortgage payment. Our goal is to help you and your family find a new place to call home. 


1. Buy A Home With Us

 Our job is to be aggressive in a proactive and positive way — to find you the right home at the right price, NOW. The reality is that some homes sell in one day, and receive multiple offers. This is why our team constantly searches for homes and calls, to show them to you right away  


2. The First Step Is To Know Your Numbers


We always recommend meeting with a lenders to see your best options. With our team, it doesn’t matter if you get pre-approved for a high loan amount; the most important thing is the monthly payment you and your family are comfortable with. Once we know that monthly payment and have your complete pre-approval, we can start sending & showing you homes within the right price range, without losing time.




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