Our full service Realtors will sell your home for more while saving you an average of $15,000.

How are we different?


Most homeowners pay a 6% commission to sell their home - 3% goes to the listing agent and 3% goes to the buyer's agent. For a $600k home, that’s $36,000!

It only costs $3,795 to the listing agent and 2.5% to the buyer's agent to sell your home with Our Team. This saves you more than $14,500!

Experience a better home selling process and save thousands at the same time. Want to start?

Times have changed


Technology changed the way we book our vacations, our hotels,  and our airline tickets.  We buy sporting event tickets online, we pay our bills and shop online, many invest with online brokerages, and more and more students are attending college online. 

 The future of selling real estate is no different. The internet has changed how people buy and sell their homes. In the good old days the seller's agent was a important part of making sure your home was seen by buyer: they created listing ads, distributed them to all the local paperwork, answer buyer's questions and managed the whole process. It was a lot of work!

Now, listing sites like Zillow and Trulia have given home buyers easy access to information about every home on the market. In fact almost 95% of today's home-buyers find their new home using one of these sites.

 That’s why We will sell your home for just a $3,795 listing fee. You only pay if your home sells. It’s not a discount, just a fairer way of doing business 

Whats the catch?

 There is none. You get full service listing experts who manage the process from consultation to closing.

Check out our raving reviews to see what our clients have to say.

Don’t let the cost savings fool you. We are a full service agency that will manage the entire home selling process from listing to closing. You get everything you would expect from a traditional real estate agent, but with the added benefit of working with a technology enabled, customer-focused agent team.

Our Lisitng Service Includes:



We leverage technology to streamline and simplify your transaction



Every listing includes 25 professional images, and Walk-through video tour. This will help your property shin above the competition


Social and Email Marketing

It's important to get people talking about your home, and social media provides the perfect platform from start to conversation.

Experience a better home selling process and save thousands

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